We accept a $250.00 deposit on a reservation for your choice puppy. The purpose of the deposit is to guarantee that the puppy is yours and will not be sold to another party. When you put a deposit down on a puppy, you are getting a pick number, a place in line to choose your puppy. This means that the people who have put deposits on a puppy before you get to pick their puppy out before you do. If you are not able to pick out the puppy yourself, we will pick out the puppy for you. You are guaranteed that we will pick your puppy in the order of the pick number even if the guy after you can come pick out the puppy himself. We pick the puppy out on the basis of your preferences. For example: color, sex, the birdiest pup, the biggest or smallest puppy the bully puppy, etc. Preferences are not guaranteed, but we will pick out a puppy that fits the closest to what you are looking for. At the time of placing your deposit you will know what number in line you get to pick. When it comes time to pick out the puppy, you will know what the people in line before you have picked and what is available to you. 


   The only case where a deposit is refundable is if the breeding does not take or your choice of sex and color is not born. If a puppy is not born for you, you have the first option to have a refund or transfer that deposit to another litter if you choose to do so. If the color and sex you specify is born, and you change your mind, deposits are non-refundable and not transferable because we have told interested parties that the puppy is not available.

Deposits and Payments

​   You can make deposits by cash, check, or money order ( Payable to Gayle A DiMauro ). These forms of payment will be accepted until the puppies are six weeks old, at which time the puppy selection will begin. The balance for the puppy must be in cash. You can make payments on your puppy up to the time the puppy is six weeks old, and if for some reason you change your mind, you will be refunded the extra payments up to your required deposit.  

Pick-up and Shipping

   You may come to pick up your puppy yourself or you may have us pick your puppy out for you and ship the puppy by airline. If we are to ship the puppy, the purchaser is responsible for all cost of the shipping and the crate required to ship the dog. The shipping cost must be paid upfront to Gayle Di Mauro at 6 weeks of age or at time of immediate purchase. We will advise you of the potential cost involved with having your puppy flown to you. Click here for additional shipping information.

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