To improve our gun dog lines even more, we have 
  decided to bring in the Kellogg line from South Dakota.
 Gayle did a lot of research on the original Mayo E. 
 Kellogg lines and wanted to introduce a larger pointing
 Labrador into our Black Forrest and Sir Hershey lines.

  *   Mayo Kellogg Pedigree in line.

 *   Tall Muscular Build.

 *   Dark Chocolate Coat.

 *   Both parents are OFA EXCELLENT.

 *   Micro - Chipped.

 *   85 to 90 lbs.

 *   Pointing Lab in Pedigree.

 *   OFA - Good   Elbows - Normal

 *   CERF - Normal/Clear

 *   Excellent Hunting Titles in Pedigree.

 *   Tremendous Training Attitude.

 *    DNA is registered with AKC.
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