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  There are no started dogs at this time. Please check back for more
  updates.  Thanks,   JG Swiss Chocolate Labs 

      All of JG SWISS CHOCOLATE LABS have their HIPS & ELBOWS 
       TESTED at the age of 24 months before any breeding is done.
       Serious owners should require this and CERF (EYE'S) Tested
so you know your puppy is healthy Before you buy and then REGRET !!!

    The first hunt of the 2018/2019 hunt season was very successful. I hunted with
 Sheba, Darby, and Di. On opening day it was a little warm and dry. We saw a lot
 of hunters opening weekend but there is a lot of farm land to hunt. It seemed to me
 there wasn't as much walk in access as there was last year. There were a lot of 
 birds this year. I really enjoyed watching the dogs have a blast hunting up the birds.
 With all the shots I missed we still ended up with 2 fat roosters.
   Next time out I hunted with Rooster, Shenna, and Abby. It was a lot more moist 
 out there. We were seeing  quite a few Pheasant and Quail. The only gun I use is
 a 20 ga. and shooting 4's and 5's. I was lucky enough to jump a covey of about 20
 Quail and shot and shot and shot. When the dust cleared, I hit nothing. The dogs
 were really looking at me like I had something wrong with me. I said to them, You
 too will get older. We still took home 2 roosters. You have to understand I hunt by
 myself with just my dogs so the spots have to be reasonable so we can contain the
 birds close enough so that the gun can bring them down.
   Hunt three was with Indie, Cleo, and Sheba. We again had a great time and we 
 are seeing lots of birds later in the season, awesome. I have not seen many hunters
 since opening weekend. I have all my spots to myself and dogs. My accuracy has
 not improved much but what else is new. 2 more Roosters went home. I can go on
 and on with every hunt. suffice to say it was a great year with lots of moisture. This
 should continue the excellent hunts going into the 2019/2020 season. The only dog
 I don't take of ours is Sophie as she is 12 and I don't want her to get hurt. Now 
 Sheba is 10 and still the best hunting dog I have had the pleasure hunt behind. I 
 hope everyone had a great and safe hunting season. I hope parents are teaching
 these skills to their children. What a way to spend together with your kids and pets
 all at the same time. Have a blessed year and check back on our site for 
 upcoming litters.  Thanks Again,    
                                                             JG SWISS CHOCOLATE LABRADORS
  Swiss Miss Westminster Abby