*  Outstanding Desire

   *  Task Orientated 

   *  Extremely Intelligent

   *  Hunted at 6 months - Upland Birds

   *  Works through field tall or thick

   *  Outstanding Water Dog

   *  Retrieved Pheasant on 2nd hunt 

   *  Alpha Female

   *  CERF - Normal / Clear

   *  Pointing Gene in Pedigree

   *  Helping Hand Association in Pedigree

   *  Grits of Black Forest & Sir Hershey in 

   *  Daughter of Sheba & Yogi

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    I will only be using Abby as a hunting partner for upland
  hunting. We have a special bond that makes hunting the
  upland game birds special. She has adapted to my style
  of hunting that only comes along once or twice in a life
  time. I'm sorry we will not be breeding her !