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    Puppy News:         Swiss Miss Duchess Darby & Swiss Scout Them Birds have had some
                                   beautiful puppies. They had 6 pup's 3 male and 3 female. The pup's
                                   were born Feb. 10th 2024. We are taking deposits now. 
                  Update:     There are 0 female and 3 males left !!!

                                                                               Thank You, JG SWISS CHOCOLATE LABS.

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                        Why Labradors Are So Popular

  It's no surprise to find Labradors at the top of the
  list. First recognized by AKC in 1917, they didn't
  make it to the top ten unit until the 1970's. They 
  reached the top spot in 1991, and it's a position
  they haven't let go of since. 

  Judy Heim, a longtime breeder and handler in 
  California, told AKC that Labradors are popular
  because of their temperament and intelligence
  and their ability to be light-switch dogs.

  " Turn them on, turn them off," Heim said. " If I
  want to go for a hike, run, swim, play ball or
  Hunt, they are up and ready to go. However, if I
  want to stay home and eat a gallon of ice cream,
  watch the Super Bowl, or watch a movie, they are
  thrilled to hang right there, too."

  She also called them one of the most intuitive
  breeds, a quality that makes them great 

  "I started in Labradors 49 years ago, have handled
  all breeds and I have wondered if I would find a
  breed I preferred to the labrador," she said. " I
  have not."