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  Swiss Miss Shenna & Swiss Indie have had their litter and we have 1 male       left. He has begun training which starts with the walk. He will be advancing 
 and we will move him to the started dogs soon. ( price will go up accordingly). 

  These are the last two males left of Darbie & Roosters litter of 11. This pic

   is of Dad and the two males left. The pup closest to Rooster has a frame

  very similar to Dad. I think he might be as big if not bigger. Great frame. The

  pup on the outside has a big frame also. The two males and one female have

  begun to take the walk with us. I have 4 rows of crp in the back of the 

  property and all pups are cruising  through it. I have set some pheasant

  wings and tails and they are finding them all. Both males have been 

  introduced to the water at 8 weeks. The female has also been intro'd to the 

  water. With a little training, these two males can hunt this year.

                                           Thanks,     JGSWISSCHOCOLATELABS

  This is the last female of Darbie & Rooster. She is real fast and has great control

  for such a young pup. She is an ALPHA female and will tend to be in charge. 

  Product of her mother Darbie. She finds all training materials I hide in our crp

  grass. Extremely birdy. She will be a life time hunter for some lucky person !

  Bonus:  This female is already crate trained and sleeps through the night !!!