JGSWISS Chocolate Labradors will ship your puppy at the age of eight weeks or any time after the age of eight weeks. We generally ship our dogs from Denver, Colorado. We can ship to any major airport. The buyer is responsible for shipping expenses. We will advise you on the approximate shipping charges involved. these shipping charges must be prepaid to John & Gayle Di Mauro, and we will pay the airline at the time of shipping. If there is a difference between actual shipping cost, and what you have prepaid. JGSWISS Chocolate Labradors agrees that we will issue a refund or the purchaser agrees to pay the additional required. Puppies will not be flown out without the shipping charge being paid in advance.

The buyer is also responsible for purchasing a crate. Crate charges vary from $45 - $85 depending on the size of crate needed to ship your dog.  This cost is in addition to the shipping charges, and the cost of the puppy.

A Veterinary Health Certificate is also required to fly your puppy. Many kennels require that this expense be charged to the buyer. JGSWISS Chocolate Labradors will pay for the cost of the Health Certificate.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping your puppies via air. We would be more than happy to answer them and put aside any concerns you have about flying your puppy to you.