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JGSWISS CHOCOLATE LABS is a small, Country kennel. We realize that when you are looking to add to your family, you want a healthy well tempered lab pup that you can enjoy and grow, along with your family. Anyone new to the labrador breed will find an extremely loyal dog who's greatest pleasure is to please you. Labs are super smart and can learn at an incredible rate. Labs are natural hunters and our lines have pointing lab in their pedigree. (Sir Hershey & Grits of Black Forest). Our lines are AKC, OFA with lots of champion - field backgrounds. We have been in this business since 1994.

We have always loved chocolates, but then again, who doesn't love chocolates. They are sweet and always put a smile on your face. We have dedicated ourselves to breeding labrador retrievers of exceptional quality, as well as dogs that are a pleasure to train, compete, and hunt with. JGSWISS CHOCOLATE LABS feels that the initial investment of the dog is minimal to the overall expense of owning a dog throughout its lifetime. With this in mind, you want the best quality retriever you can get for its not the cost of the dog that is the investment, but instead, it is your heart and time you spend with your dog. Our dogs become lifetime family members.
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  Swiss Indie's Husker Hunter

    Breaking News !!! March 20, 2019.

​        There just seems to be no stopping the Labrador Retriever !!!!!!

 AKC Most popular dogs in America.

 For a record 28th year, (2018) the versatile sporting breed reins supreme on the   American Kennel Club registry list. A run like no other breed has seen in the record
 The American Kennel Club (AKC®) announced today that the intelligent, family friendly  breed holds tight to the number one spot on the most popular list for the 28th  consecutive year, continuing the longest reign as the nation’s top dog in AKC history.
 Today on Good Morning America, AKC announced the Labrador Retriever as the 
 number 1 dog for the 28th consecutive year. Add pointing pedigree and these Gun
 Dogs are off the chart. Happy Hunting Everyone.

  Swiss Miss Westminster Abby